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What is this blog

That has been the question, as I have about three personal blogs with different providers, what's most likely is that I use one for private, one for English and one for Norwegian. And it seems like this blog right here, will end up being the Norwegian one.

My english blog will soon go purple 360 for those who manage to desifer that one.

Oh No. MS to by Y! ?

As some may have heard it has a lot of bold speaking recently about Microsoft's unsolicited bid for Internet icon Yahoo! one of the few of the old web-boom companies that survived the burst back in 2001.What I think is this: Yahoo! won't benefit from being bought by Microsoft. And on the longer term I don't think Microsoft would benefit from buying them either, especially if it develops into a hostile takeover.Microsoft has for first time in years managed to get a bit of a positive buzz, a hostile takeover of Y! would most likely damage their public image.Also buying a company that has in recent years been sleeping not catching on current web trends, or developing new things on their own, doesn't add any brain-valueI think MS should instead keep focusing on their innovative efforts of recent years. Keep working on their Live platform, keep developing their mobile software, and maybe for alliances with for example a company like Y!. that's what I think...... press r…