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are you Concerned about your online privacy?

nobody seems to give much thought to the fact that they are already listed a half dozen places on the web with or without their consent. From work contact lists, to public records that used to be far less public before the internet, to phonebooks, and various memberlists.... People get worked up when it comes to social media and such though.

We have taken a what might seem a very public approach with our almost all presence on the web, though I'm sure we in reality post less private information then some of those who think we do to much.

That's because many actually think a walled network like facebook actually is private, but gives little thought to who their friends friends are or what info their various games and apps pull. No system is perfect, if you are concerned about your privacy you should treat anything you post, anywhere as public.

Got any thoughts on the subject do comment or post a subject on our facebook page forum.

for iivo and nina

microsoft kills live spaces blog

So microsoft is killing their blog platform on live spaces and offer the users to migrate to wordpress, I guess they're giving up on competing in the crowded social marked and are focusing their efforts on search, messenger, and office products online while ad hoc-ing on other social platforms. Ofcourse their not alone google's once mighty blogger has for some time been feeling the heat from competition offering esasier to use and for power users maybe more important easier to customize solutions.Less then a month ago both bloglines and vox where in the process of / announcing that their services would shut down. Okay bloglines is/was technically not a blog service but a rss feed reader that started on blogging popularity. Now I can see why six apart are closing vox as it might not make much sense operating serveral overlapping services, but on different platforms.Yahoo! Gave up their 360 blog platform awhile back now, but did not give up on offering blogging service entirely,…