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My Blogger Blog is In Maintenance Mode

Yeah, it's been like four years since the last time I even typed here, so you are forgiven for thinking it's abandoned - oh, but look see; there a new post...

Yeah, No! I did not forget about it, or leave it to gather dust, or rather yes I did, but it's mainly because:
  A) I don't have that much to type or say..
       a.1) and no will to try
  B) I found other platforms that I liked so much more....
       b.1) ...and for those who have found their way trough the little spiders web, and read any thing there would see that (a) also applied there.

Anyway I made a decision to give the blogging another go, but it won't be on blogger, at least not any time soon, though - short logs and statuses, and re-captions of  other stuff I create might crop up here, anyway I'm keeping it mostly as an archive, of things that has been...


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Character is what you have left when you've lost everything you can lose.

"Character is what you have left when you've lost everything you can lose." [- Evan Esar]

I think this is a good proverb as it encourage you and tells you that no matter what you lost, it's not an excuse for bad behavior. Cause your character who you are is so fundamental part of your core and nobody can take that away from your. As I said it also implicate that you can't blame bad character on external factors. Food for thought; I say.